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You've seen the commercials.

Played in too many countries to mention, by hundreds of thousands of players we bring you the best of Jackpot City where you can play for real money or use the free play mode. 

Highlighting just some of their games, there's hundreds more as well as Poker, Roulette & Blackjack! You are also able to set your weekly/monthly deposit limits so your gaming experience remains fun. You must be 19+ to play.  Play for real cash or free play mode.  Sign up & you will receive up to $1,600 deposit bonus!  Jackpot City adds tons of bonuses and free spins as you continue your play.

Unfortunately (& beyond our control) those in some countries are not able to play on the Jackpot City site or other similar online Casinos.

You may be wondering why are we promoting Jackpot City?  Well, we've played the land-based casino & in it I found I was playing way too much but couldn't seem to stop!  I moved to online casinos & the answer I was looking for was in the weekly deposit limits that Jackpot City & other Casinos allow you to set.  I felt like a weight had been lifted & play for me became fun again.  I know there are others out there like me, who want to get away from land based casinos. 

I had encouraged a coworker to try Jackpot City & she won $20,000 on their site.  This is not the norm however.  

Another reason why I promote Jackpot City is their Customer Service. The majority of online casinos are interconnected.  Basically no matter which you join, the games are exactly the same & their Jackpots are linked between casinos.  So really, the difference in casinos basically comes down to Customer Service. And If I may, I'd like to share my poor customer service experience at another online casino.

Whenever you are ready to withdraw from any online casino, you must first verify who you are by uploading various forms of documentation, which is a really easy thing to do or rather should be.  I had a win of $1,000 at another online casino which I am not going to name - and I did all they asked.  I uploaded my photo id, a copy of a bill so they could see my address & a voided cheque.  A week went by (which by the way is the normal amount of time required for any casino to process your initial documentation.  Then it would generally take another 3-5 business days before you receive your win in your account) Then two weeks went by.  I contacted this casino's online customer service.  It took days before I found out this particular casino wanted a photocopy of my credit cards front & back before they would release the funds.  So I obliged, thinking ok all is good now.  Nope.  They would not place the funds in my bank account even though I sent them a voided cheque & copy of my credit cards.  Instead, they said the only way they would only release my funds is if I got a letter from my credit card company stating the online casino could pay me via my credit card. 

I won't bore you with all that followed.  Long story short, I never did get my money from them.  For the $1,000 I had won & the hassle I had already gone through, I decided to use it as my play money until it was gone & then I would just close my account with that casino. I would love to divulge just which online venue this was, but I really don't want to open myself up to a potential law suit.  Although my story is true, their legal team would be much bigger than mine & often in these cases unfortunately, cash trumps truth. 

That experience got me somewhat upset. I just didn't want that same thing happening to someone else so I thought I'd use my personal story to highlight the importance of good customer service.  And after playing at many other online casinos, I can say based on personal experience & the experience of my co-worker, that Jackpot City has the best customer service out there!  With Jackpot City, if you have a win you would like to withdraw, you will need to upload a piece of id, a voided cheque & a bill to verify your address.  That's it.  You will have to wait about a week before your documentation is processed & another 3-5 business days before your funds reach your account.  The next time you complete a withdrawal from Jackpot City, the wait will only be the 3-5 business days and you will have your money in your account!  I've had multiple wins playing Jackpot City & not once have I ever had or experienced a negative exchange.  I feel confident knowing I withdraw my money from the casino & it's in my account. 

You will see countless other sites touting "10 Best Online Casinos" but they don't care which casino you click on, they are going to get paid promoting all of those sites.  They won't tell you the withdrawal process upfront or the difficulties you could encounter.  And sure, I could have done the same, but I really wanted to provide a service by promoting the best online casino out there all the way around. 

If you choose to try out Jackpot City & feel i have provided you with info you hadn't previously been aware of, I humbly request that you please click on any of the links within this website to get to their site.  You don't even have to make a cash deposit. Just by signing up to play for free, allows me to receive a nominal referral fee, at no cost to you, to continue with this website.

There are so many other sites out there.  Which is why I would like to take the time to sincerely thank you & let you know just how much I appreciate your visit & support.  

You work hard, it's time to play!  We hope you enjoy your gaming experience & with utmost respect we truly appreciate your visit.